Fancy a chat?

We’re looking for some lovely people to take sit down with us and tell us their thoughts… about Kabosh, about art, activism, nights out…  maybe even your favourite biscuit.

Whether you’ve been following us for years or haven’t booked a ticket yet, we want to know what you think! We’re a Belfast-based theatre company that works to tell stories about connection, so we want to sit down and see if we’re creating connections and reflecting the city we’re in.

How it Works:

We’re hosting a few chats about Kabosh, our theatre, the wider Belfast arts scene and how people see our place in it.

We would like to meet a few lovely groups of 3 people that socialise together already – maybe you’re friends or colleagues, team-mates or school friends- we don’t mind, but you book a few tickets together and attend similar events.

Why? Call it Brand – Aid, we want to see if what we think about ourselves aligns with how the people of Belfast see us.

We’ll buy the coffees or the pints and listen up.

Get in touch to say you’re free, we’ll ask for a little detail about yourself and your friends and then confirm who we’re meeting the week beforehand.

You Do NOT

  • have to be a Kabosh regular
  • have to love theatre
  • have to have any particular knowledge or background!

You Do

  • need to find 2 like-minded pals
  • be free for 45 mins at some point the week of the 11th December
  • be happy to travel into Belfast City centre to chat
  • have to share some general info about yourself

Email lizzie@kabosh.net or message us on socials to say you’re in!