Two Roads West

Two Roads West

‘Two Roads West’ was first performed as part of the Cathederal Quarter Arts Festival on 7th May 2009. It was revived some months later for the West Belfast Féile an Phobail.

Cast & Crew

Year: 2009

Writer: Laurence McKeown

Director: Paula McFetridge
Creative Producer: Hugh Odling-Smee
Stage Manager: Caroline Curran
Assistant Stage Manager: Monica McNally
Cast: Vincent Higgins, Carol Moore

A&B Community Award 2010 Highly Commended

Year: 2013

Writer: Laurence McKeown

Director: Paula McFetridge
Stage Manager: Gemma Walker
Cast: Conor Barr and Susie Kelly

REVIVAL as part of Derry City of Culture

“Very seductive, a very organic piece of theatre – it’s the perfect festival play” – Arts Extra

Gable walls, Van the Man and childhood sweethearts. A black taxi ride into the West, the whole West and nothing but the West. This innovative new play saw Kabosh take to the roads, performing a play in a Black Taxi journeying up the Falls and down the Shankill. Two Roads West played the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival in May 2008 and was revived for the Feile an Phobail festival in August 2008. Two Roads West tells the story of Rosie, back from London after 40 years, looking for her memories of the city that once was. Her guide to the roads is Bill, cynical, world weary, but not without hope. As the journey unfolds a connection is made. Two Roads West explores issues of identity, politics and change, and how space can look much different depending on our experience of it, the information we have, and what position, geographically or time-wise, we look at it from. Produced in association with the West Belfast Taxi Association.

“The concept that ‘we ain’t so different’ ain’t so different, but what is different is this beautiful play’s attempt to say we have more in common than apart” – Culture NI

Derry City of Culture 2013

City walls, teenage kicks and childhood sweethearts. A taxi ride through Stroke City, through hope and history, telling stories of the west bank of the Foyle old and new.

Rosie, visiting the city after an absence of over 40 years goes on a tour of the city with Gerry, the driver and tour guide. They know two different cities, or know the same city differently, but for each of them, Derry shaped their youth.

Join Kabosh for a play in a taxi. You’ll never see the streets in the same way!