Those you pass on the Street

Those you pass on the Street

First produced in 2014 “it is a sophisticated piece about how Northern Ireland deals with the past” (Connal Par, Inventing the Myth: Oxford University Press 2017)

Cast & Crew

Writer:  Laurence McKeown

Director: Paula McFetridge

Cast: Vincent Higgins, Laura Hughes, Paul Kennedy and Carol Moore

Set Designer: Elle Kent

Production Manager: Elaine Barnes

LX/SX Designer: James Kennedy

Stage Mananger: Noleen Stevenson

Elizabeth walks into a Sinn Fein constituency office seeking assistance regarding anti-social behaviour in her area. Frank takes her details and promises to look into it. He later learns she is the widow of an RUC man killed by the IRA, and is warned to tread carefully. This brief encounter poses challenges for personal preconceptions and beliefs, straining family and political loyalties.

Those You Pass on the Street explores the complexities of dealing with the legacy of conflict, especially when that conflict is localised and personal. It contrasts party political positioning with individual needs. It challenges the view that any mechanism for dealing with the past is simply about ‘whose side gets what’.

Those You Pass on the Street was commissioned by Healing Through Remembering.