Political Discourse In Schools

Political Discourse In Schools

Kabosh introduce a new project for secondary level education. Supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs we are embarking on bringing work from our canon directly into Secondary Schools across the north.

The first run of this project begins Autumn 2023.

Project Aims

Political Discourse in Schools will offer teachers a way to stimulate discussion and provoke conversations in their classrooms that run parallel to their curriculums. This was developed in response to teachers discussing their wider needs in schools.

The series of performances offered within this project directly provoke discussion around KS4 LLW themes (active citzenship, identity personal development, social justice, social responsibility) as well as fitting in well alongside KS4 History, Politics, Literature & Drama curriculums.

This programme is suitable to be led by Drama, English, Politics, History Departments, LLW, Senior Leadership and Pastoral Support. We are currently aiming this project at 15-17-year-old pupils. The themes of the performances are 14+ and they are selected to sit alongside KS4 curriculum themes.

Kabosh are leaders in creating political theatre that responds directly to social need. Kabosh will work to support teachers to ensure they are equipped to use theatre as a tool for creating active discussion, discussing difficult subject matters and supplementing their day-day curriculum.

October 2023

In response to school requests we are offering in-school performances of Green & Blue in the week of 9 – 13th October.

To get involved in Stage 1 get in touch using this form.

How it works:

  • Kabosh will perform in an appropriate school space. Whilst we can perform to any size of class we would suggest pooling year and subject groups together. We are also happy to perform to multiple schools in one space, particularly for those with existing partnerships or shared education programmes.
  • Performances will be entirely free for schools.
  • All our productions are 70 mins long and can be staged within a typical school day, or after classes.
  • Due to the content of this work we suggest this work for students of 14+ and are happy to discuss subject matter in advance with teachers.
  • We can also host post-show discussions with our Director Paula McFetridge after each performance.
  • Alternatively, repsonding to time constrictions we can arrange a post-show facilitation in classrooms at another date (in person or via Zoom).

In addition to each performance teachers will have access to our online resources, which can be used during class time or offerred as a resource to students to supplement class discussions. This will be specific to the theatre production, providing historical or political context, links to more research and more information about how the work was developed.

Green & Blue

We are initially offering Green & Blue for schools in the week of 9 – 13th October.

Written by Laurence McKeown and directed by Paula McFetridge, the play is based on an oral archive of serving Royal Ulster Constabulary and An Garda Síochána officers, the title reflects the colour of both uniforms. See more information about Green & Blue.

This production fuses theatre and film to look at the person behind the uniform and the different experiences of two individuals on either side of a man-made line on the ground.  

Learning & Curriculum Tie Ins

Policing | Borders | Local Conflict

This production is an excellent introduction to the local conflict, approaching complex themes with a sense of dual narratives.

Discussion can be broadened to wider issues of policing and borders, enhancing a sense of Global Citizenship or used to directly explore local history from a neutral starting point.

Syllabus Links

  • Local/global citizenship
  • Active citizenship
  • Personal Development
  • Quality & Social Justice
  • Diversity & Social Inclusion
  • Human Rights & Social Responsibility
  • GCSE History Syllabus – Local History & Changing Relationships

The wider project has clear relevance for those studying Creative Writing under the KS4 English Literature and KS4 Drama courses.

To get involved in Stage 1 get in touch using this form.

If you need more information or would prefer a chat get in touch with lizzie@kabosh.net