Returning Autumn 2024 – UK & Ireland Tour

Written by Dominic Montague

Directed by Paula McFetridge

“There’s queers in every county, homosexuals in the every hamlet, gays in every gable. And tonight you’ll be talking to some of them.”

As the 70’s rage on, the telephone rings…

Callings follows five queer people who found sanctuary and community on the other end of the phone by seeking solace in Cara-Friend – a befriending service set up in the 1970’s to support the many hidden LGBTQ+ individuals across the north of Ireland.

Charged with the music of the day, and set amidst a storm of anti-gay headlines, Callings delves deep into the struggle for survival our queer communities faced on a daily basis.

Callings poignantly and powerfully expresses how even simple acts of connection can change the course of a life, and how during oppressive times, a gang of bright and brilliant queer people crafted community to save themselves and each other. In an era when the government attempted to quash their right to exist, these moments of connection were an act of resistance and rebellion.

From rallying against the Save Ulster from Sodomy campaign to revelling in the right to exist won through the Dudgeon vs UK trial, Callings looks back at the historical challenges faced by LGBTQ+ communities, and celebrates just how far we’ve come.

“Someone out there has been plucking up the courage for god knows how long, tonight they’ll pick up the phone and you’ll be there for them…”

Callings does well to never feel too worthy or too laboured. It celebrates rurality, villages and towns as much as the brighter lights of Belfast.

Alan in Belfast, Independent Reviewer

It has moments of genuine pathos such as the first kiss between Cuchulain (aka ‘Tommy’, conveyed with sensitivity by the brilliant Simon Sweeney) and Jason (the equally good Christopher Grant). The story of Brigid, a young lesbian with a crush on Jamie Lee Curtis, who finds it tough to even articulate or say the ‘L-word’ is also very moving.

Jane Hardy – Irish News

What an important piece of queer theatre for the north. Unreal!

18-25, Male, BT65

Absolutely amazing! This is one of the most profound pieces I

have seen in years!! Incredible!!

26-50, Female, BT10

Callings – 2024 Tour Dates

The Lyric, Belfast 2 – 6 OctoberBook Now
MAC, Birmingham 10 -11 OctoberComing Soon
Stanley Arts, Croydon 16 – 17 OctoberComing Soon
Chats Palace, Hackney 18 – 19 OctoberComing Soon
Riverbank Arts Centre, Kildare25 OctoberBOOK NOW
Project Arts Centre, Dublin6 – 9 NovemberComing Soon
& More… Coming Soon

Funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Belfast City Council and the Foyle Foundation. In association with Carafriend NI.