Borderline: The People’s Story

Borderline: The People’s Story

By Rosemary Jenkinson & Vincent Higgins

In partnership with National Museums NI

The Ulster American Folk Park and Ulster Folk Museum are living history museums filled with authentic buildings, rich in heritage and history.  In Borderline: The People’s Story you will get to see the Museums in a different light as we bring to life the stories of the partition of Ireland 1921.

The early 20th century in Ulster was a period of upheaval. Communities were divided, lives were lost, and borders were drawn. This theatrical tour will involve live performances in different locations with 7 actors, produced by KABOSH Theatre Company, telling the story of some of those affected; stories of loss, change, rebellion and creatively adapting to new situations.

Witness those who lived through tumultuous times.  Hear how the years leading up to Partition and the aftermath that followed changed the world around us.

Experience life on the border from the safety and comfort of your own sofa.  Borderline: The People’s Story is available to experience online.