A Quarrel With Myself

A Quarrel With Myself

a new play by Vincent Higgins

for Imagine! 2021 – the 7th Annual Belfast Festival of Ideas and Politics  

A bold experiment in broadcasting is coming …. 

Starting Monday 22nd March and continuing online for 5 nights until Friday 26th March 2021 
A Quarrel with Myself is five free 12-minute plays:  a new play at 9.30pm each night. 

Directed by Paula McFetridge  

Performed by Seaínín Brennan and Maggie Cronin 

It tells the inside story of a ground-breaking experiment:  newly formed RTÉ Northern Ireland join forces with BBC NI 32 to offer us a ‘non-partisan’ news outlet for the island of Ireland. 

Will the powers that be resist interfering? 

Is ‘non-partisan’ news even possible?