Specifically created for a single client to address an issue of concern, highlight a new initiative, provide animation for an event. There is no problem for which a creative solution can’t be found: contact us. Project examples include:


Scripted by Jimmy McAleavey and commissioned by Titanic Foundation for the opening of the Titanic Signature Building in 2012, this epic promenade production allowed audiences to journey through the ‘back-of-house’ parts of the building, finishing on the infamous staircase.

Laser Lunacy

Scripted by Thomas Hislop and commissioned by Belfast International Airport to inform young people about the dangers of playing with laser pens, this portable production toured into schools for two weeks.


Commissioned from Carlo Gebler and Rosemary Jenkinson to animate new NMNI Titanic acquisitions, the short plays were performed in the Cultra museum as well as coffee shops in East Belfast.

60 seconds

These are short 1-minute installation plays where an actor talks to one audience member at a time, they can take place in a range of spaces from cloakrooms to dinner parties to the foyer of a building, to a park bench.  They are commissioned from playwrights for a specific event and the audience is given a business card at the end stating, ‘You’ve just been Kaboshed – this was 60 seconds of your time!’.


A flash mob of referees created for the Electoral Commission to remind the public of the importance of registering to vote.  The actors presented red and yellow cards to an unsuspecting public in Derry and Belfast city centre.