What, Where

What, Where

First performed 2nd – 5th August 2018 | Site specific installation Colebooke Estate, Fermanagh for the Arts Over Borders Festival

Cast & Crew

Playwright: Samuel Beckett

Director: Paula McFetridge


Bam / V: Vincent Higgins

Bim: Tony Flynn

Bem: Neil Keery

Bom: Michael Condron

Designer: Liz Cullinane

Light design: Conleth White

Production Manager: Stephen Quinn

Stage Manager: Caitlín Hunter

Producers: Zoe Fox and Dominic Montage

WHAT WHERE (1983) is Beckett’s last play. ‘We are the last five’ says a voice though only four characters appear throughout. It’s a powerful political drama which explores what information must be divulged and when…. if ever. ’You’ll be given the works until you confess’ says the voice but what must be confessed? Do we act alone? Who or what will save us?

Presented as part of the 2018 Happy Days International Beckett Festival, audiences met at a central Enniskillen location, unaware of their final destination; they were brought by bus to a conspicuous metal shed on the Colebrooke Estate.

Beckett’s ritualistic and menacing text was brought to life by actors Michael Condron, Tony Flynn, Vincent Higgins and Neil Keery as audiences deciphered the layers and contexts of one of Beckett’s most political plays given additional meaning by the environment in which it was being performed.

Reviews/Links“The torturers and the tortured, the information and disinformation, could be almost anywhere, at any time in history – past, present, and almost inevitably, future.”The Thin Air (full article http://thethinair.net/2018/08/what-where-happy-days-enniskillen-beckett-festival/)