Shankill Stories

Shankill Stories

Kabosh, in partnership with Shankill Women’s Centre, the Spectrum Centre and the Shankill Area Social History group, delivered an exciting project on the Shankill Road in July 2013.

Building on the success of previous theatrical tours, Kabosh commissioned playwright Seth Linder to write four dramas inspired by stories and locations along this historic road, beginning at Shankill Graveyard and taking in Shankill Library, the Hammer area and the Spectrum Centre.

Each tour was led by Billy Drummond from Shankill Alternatives and the SASH Group.  Billy led audience members down one side of the road, and back up on the other, detailing historic events and places along this unique area of Belfast.  At the four locations, actors emerged upon the audience, with each drama bringing to life a specific historical event or area related to or about the Shankill.

Cast & Crew

Writer: Seth Linder

Directors: Fionnuala Kennedy & Paula McFetridge

Actor: Abigail McGibbon     

Actor: Gerard Jordan

Stage Manager: Monica McNally

Photographer: Peter Higgins

Workshop Director: Christina Nelson

Costume Designer: Elle Kent

Content Manager: Hilary Copeland

App Developer: The Design Zoo

Interviewer for Oral Archive: Jo Egan & Joan Mercer


As part of this project, Kabosh were keen to engage with other members of the community, to ensure the tour reached a local audience and was authentic to the stories being told.  Kabosh created an oral archive within the community, interviewing groups within Shankill Women’s Centre, users of the Spectrum Centre and residents of the Shankill road.  The interviews were undertaken by members of the community trained in oral history, and by oral archivist Jo Egan.