By Simon Moore, Performed by Kabosh in October 1997. Venues include OMAC, Belfast; Johnston Hall, Magherafelt; Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny; Cloghworthy House, Antrim and Riverside Theatre, Coleraine.

tense, menacing and extremely well-paced


When Paul Sheldon meets his No. 1 fan Annie Wilkes in a forlorn cabin in the Colorado mountains, all manner of hell is created.

Stephen King’s triumphant novel, as adapted for the stage by Simon Moore, becomes a taut, two-character play dealing with love and creation.

Will Paul Sheldon complete the Misery series which has brought him fame, fortune, and misfortune?

Will his No. 1 fan get her wish? Or will she make sure her wish comes true?

Cast & Crew

Directed and adapted by Karl Wallace

Designed by Terry Loane

Cast: Anne Bird and Richard Croxford

splendidly executed and surprisingly scary