Lilian Bland Art Exhibition

Lilian Bland Art Exhibition

14 September – 1 October, 10am – 5pm

Theatre at The Mill, Flax Gallery

Lilian Bland was a woman ahead of her time. 

In 1910 she designed, built, and successfully flew her biplane, Mayfly from Carmoney Hill, and later, also flew in Randalstown.  In doing so, Lilian defied expectations of those around her, who said a woman could not design a plane.

The artwork in this exhibition has been created by participants from two women’s groups based at the Baron Hall, Glengormley, to celebrate Lilian’s aviation achievements, and the incredible, defiant life that she led.   The project was delivered by Kabosh, with lead artists Carol Moore & visual artist Anna O’Kane.

“It was fascinating to learn that in 1910 this nonconformist, engineering minded, determined young lady designed, built, and flew this biplane – the Mayfly.   She was the first lady in the world to do so.  I’ve become such a Lilian fan, she’s an incredible part of the local history of Newtownabbey. I learnt so much about her from Carol, and in turn, have educated by friends and family on this great lady!”

The exhibition will be open to the public from 10am to 5pm, 14 September – 1 October

The project is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.
Many thanks to National Lottery players.

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