By Karl Wallace, March 2000. Performed in OMAC, Belfast.

Three actors combine silently and intriguingly to create a moving web of physical theatre in which inanimate objects take on a life of their own and pictures form, only to vanish and reform somewhere else. The audience reclines on translucent orange inflatable settees whilst in front of them from amidst a 12ft-high chaotic mountain of sofas characters magically emerge and disappear between the cushions

“a must-see fairytale with a difference ….. a fantastical little 40 minute bolt-hole for the harassed commuter and jaded theatre goer alike. Craftily conceived and deftly crafted …. Something quite special”


“a vibrant and emotive piece of theatre …. the audience was consumed in a world of fantasy and fun”


Cast & Crew

Directed by Karl Wallace

Designed by David Craig

Sound design by Stephen Hanson

Lighting Design by Amy Smyth

Cast: Paul Dinnen, Alexandra Ford and Mary McNally

Photography by Jill Jennings