March newsletter

March newsletter

News about new projects, plus feedback on Before You Go

A Quarrel with Myself
by Vincent Higgins
for Imagine! 2021 – the 7th Annual Belfast Festival of Ideas and Politics 

 Starting Monday 22nd March and continuing online for 5 nights until Friday 26th March 2021
A Quarrel with Myself is five free 12-minute plays:
a new play at 9.30pm each night.

Directed by Paula McFetridge 
Performed by Seaínín Brennan and Maggie Cronin

It tells the inside story of a ground-breaking experiment:  newly formed RTÉ Northern Ireland join forces with BBC NI 32 to offer us a ‘non-partisan’ news outlet for the island of Ireland.
Will the powers that be resist interfering?
Is ‘non-partisan’ news even possible?

Tickets are free but you must register to be sent the link for the performance 

*Title is inspired by WB Yeats ‘Out of the quarrel with others we make rhetoric; out of the quarrel with ourselves we make poetry’.*


Lilian Bland at the Barron Hall, Carnmoney

Image by Carol Moore

Carol Moore has been leading an interactive project based on the life and legacy of local aviator Lilian Bland, who gallantly defied society’s expectations.
The women from The Barron Hall have received some incredibly informative and passionate talks from Carol as well as art workshops facilitated by Anna O’Kane. Recently Leah Morris and Elspeth Vischer were filming with us in Carnmoney as we prepare to share the project with you in a virtual exhibition. Watch this space!

Funded by The Community Heritage Fund.

Before You Go

We were so pleased to see over 1600 people from all over the world tune in to watch Before You Go.
Online streaming was a new initiative for Kabosh and we learnt a lot, so particular thanks to our media partners Redbox Creative.
Thanks for all your feedback, here’s a taster: 

  • ‘ I Found it instantly engaging – and thought-provoking in the longer term’.
  • ‘Superb writing, Superb performances and plenty of food for thought’.
  • ‘A brilliantly written, produced and performed play’.
  • ‘It was very moving. All three actors were so engaging. I loved the way it was staged too’.

Circumstances allowing, we have plans to present the piece as a live theatre event Autumn/Winter 2021. 

Samuel Davidson

We are currently working with Stephen Beggs (Actor and Playwright) and Eric Woods (Historian) to engage community groups in interrogating the impact the Sirocco site and inventor Samuel Davidson had on east Belfast, the city and its people. We are hopefully working towards a new play for EastSide Arts Festival 2021. Again – watch this space.