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The West Awakes | 2010

What We've Done - Productions


Year: 2013
Writers: Carlo Gebler, Vincent Higgins, Jimmy McAleavey & Seth Linder
Director: Paula McFetridge
Cast: Stephen Beggs, Shaun Blaney, Ursula Burns, Maria Connolly, Amanda Doherty, Paddy Jenkins and Vincent Higgins.
Composer: Ursula Burns
Inventor: Paddy Bloomer
Costume Designer: Elle Kent
Set Designer: Liz Cullinane
Production Manager: Jen Shepperd
Deputy Stage Manager: Monica McNally
Site Manager: Donal McKendry
Assistant Stage Manager: Andrew Stanford


Need to find a way of stopping amorous cows crashing over fields to get to your bull because he’s so blooming attractive?
Wonder why we love our tea so thick you could stand a stick in it?
Are your cows all moo and no milk?

From Harry Ferguson’s three-point linkage system to Samuel Davidson’s tea-drying machine to Marconi’s radio telegraph – come hear tales of history’s innovators and revolutionaries.

Join Kabosh as they transport you back to the music hall era of the early 1900s, where the city’s most awe-inspiring entrepreneurs are pitching their visions to change the world as we know it.

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