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The West Awakes | 2010

What We've Done - Productions

Ghosts of Drumglass

Year: 2012
Writer: Rosemary Jenkinson
Director: Paula McFetridge
Sound Designer: Augustine Leudar
Cast: James Doran, and Michael Liebmann
Costume Designer: Alice McCullough
Production Manager: Elaine Barnes
Assistant Production Manager: Christine Collins
Assistant Production Manager: Emma Copeland
Set & Props: Stuart Marshall
Lighting Design and Installation: JP Conaghan
Technical Assistant (Sound): Dermot McBride
Technical Assistant: Natalie Murphy
Technical Assistant: Eddie Robinson
Additional Performances: Ella Campbell, Peter Fahy, Ayshea Hinds, Rob Killalay, Rory Knox, Bronagh McCrudden, Fiona McPherson, Lindsey Mitchell, Kim Moylan and Richard Paine.

Ghosts of Drumglass

The Musgrave family of Drumglass Park died with the passing of the last remaining child, Henry.

From a family of 11, no descendants were produced to carry on the blood line. In the darkness of the park, the ghosts of the past threaten to fragment the peace of the present that eludes them. The ancient trees of Drumglass surrender the secrets of the Musgrave family to those who trace the steps of the dead. But will we have to atone for treading on the long-dormant spirits of those who went before?

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