Belfast Bred now running throughout year

Belfast Bred now running throughout year

Belfast Bred is now running every month throughout the year!

We know that the last Belfast Bred of the year usually marks the end of the brighter part of the year – however now you can have your world lit up by Chef Barney right through.

Now running on the last Saturday of every month* Belfast Bred is a unique tour which fuses theatre, history, a walking tour and the food offering of Belfast today.

With your guide Barney, a chef from the RMS Titanic who has spent the last 105 years frozen in an iceberg, you will discover Belfast’s rich heritage and get a first-hand fascinating and hilarious insight into the food that Belfast was built on!

Along your way you will sample the culinary delights on offer from Sawers Deli, Mourne Seafood, The John Hewitt and the Dark Horse before finishing off at the world famous St. George’s Market.

Tickets for tours throughout the year can be booked online, by phone on 0044 (0) 28 9024 6609 or in person at the Belfast Welcome Centre.