Kabosh tours to South Africa and Rwanda!

Kabosh tours to South Africa and Rwanda!

We are delighted to announce that we will attend the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown South Africa and the Ubumuntu Arts Festival in Kigali, Rwanda, in July, where we will present our production of, Those You Pass On The Street, as part of the festivals’ programme and also facilitate a number of workshops and masterclasses with other international practitioners as to how theatre and art can be used as a positive force in the peacebuilding process. The production will also be performed in Belfast, Coalisland and Carnlough later this month.

Those You Pass On The Street, written by Laurence McKeown and produced by Paula McFetridge, explores the complexities of dealing with the legacy of conflict, particularly when that conflict is local and personalised. The production contrasts party political positioning with individual needs and challenges the notion that any mechanism for dealing with the past is simply about ‘whose side gets what’.

Paula McFetridge, Artistic Director of Kabosh Theatre Company said, “Over the last three years we have performed Those You Pass on the Street to over forty communities both in the North and South of Ireland, and every time the play acts as a catalyst for emotional and important conversations about how we deal with the ongoing and long-term impact of our lengthy conflict. The play presents an opportunity for audiences to hear from ‘the other side’, sometimes for the first time, in a safe and neutral environment and has been proven to help those coping with the legacy of conflict on a daily basis, to openly discuss their feelings and beliefs.”

Paula continued, “Kabosh is delighted to have been invited to share the production and practice with international audiences who are also dealing with their own peace process. We are committed to utilising theatre, and the power that it has, to engage with our past, helping us all to better live together in the present, and so are delighted that Those You Pass on the Street is receiving international recognition reaffirming to us the importance of our work locally, nationally and further afield.”

Gilly Campbell, Arts Development Officer for Drama and Dance, commented, “The Arts Council is delighted to support Kabosh Theatre Company with this current tour which offers a number of free tickets to audiences within the region. In particular, the visit to both Rwanda and South Africa, offers invaluable opportunities to showcase homegrown work and share best practice with international theatre practitioners as to how the arts can be used as an important tool for dealing with difficult issues We wish the company every success.”

Those Who Pass you On The Street will be performed on the following dates with each performance followed by a facilitated discussion where the themes of the play can be openly explored.

Dates include;
Thursday 23rd June 2016, 8pm
Carnlough Heritage Centre, Carnlough
Tickets are free and can be booked by telephone on 028 2888 6188

Friday 24th June 2016, 8pm
Short Strand Community Centre, Belfast
Tickets are free and can be booked by telephone on 028 9073 8871

Saturday 25th June 2016, 8pm
Lyric Theatre, Belfast
Tickets are £12/ £10 and can be booked online www.lyrictheatre.co.uk or by phone on 028 9038 1081

Monday 27th June 2016, 8pm
Craic Theatre, Coalisland
Tickets are free and can be booked online www.craicartscentre.co.uk or by phone on 028 8774 1100

4th July – 16th July 2016
The National Arts Festival, Grahamstown South Africa, www.nationalartsfestival.co.za

14th July – 17th July 2016
The Ubumuntu Arts Festival, Kigali, Rwanda, www.ubumuntuartsfestival.com