Shankill Stories

Shankill Stories

Kabosh, in partnership with Shankill Women’s Centre, the Spectrum Centre and the Shankill Area Social History group, is delivering an exciting new project on the Shankill Road this July.

Building on the success of previous theatrical tours, Kabosh have commissioned playwright Seth Linder to write four dramas inspired by stories and locations along this historic road beginning at Shankill Graveyard and taking in Shankill library, the Hammer area and the Spectrum Centre. Each tour will be led by members of the Shankill Area Social History group.

As the tour unfolds, Kabosh will bring to life the rich history and vibrant heritage of this unique area of the city of Belfast.

Tour Times: Tuesday 9th July (11am) / Wednesday 10th July (12.30pm)

Meeting Point: St. Matthew’s Church, Shankill Road.

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